You are viewing the documentation for Hudu’s REST API. The Hudu REST API allows you to easily automate your IT documentation. The API is organized into different resources, and each resource has its own specific endpoint.


All requests to the API must be authenticated with an API key. You can obtain an API key by going to Hudu AdminBasic InformationAPI Keys. You will then send requests including the header to the API like so:

curl https://[YOUR_DOMAIN]/api/v1/companies?page=1 -H "x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

You can create and delete an API key at any time.

API Keys are configurable in two aspects: ability to access passwords (all REST actions), and ability to perform destructive actions (DELETE actions). These can only be configured at the time of the key’s creation.
Make sure to keep your API keys safe. They allow administrator access to your account!


All requests to the API must be in JSON format, unless otherwise specified.


By default, requests to the API are paginated. Pagination is simple. Add ?page=X to your requests, and it will send you the next page of results. Pagination is in sets of 25 results.

Rate Limiting

The rate limit is set at 300 requests per minute.